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Archive Gallery 2012 - 2017

We Like Butter on our Butter, Please!

Take a look at how our students make some butter and other fun treats as they get ready for Valentine's Day!

100 Days of Class

It's been 100 days of class already! Let's celebrate!

2014 Graduation Class Ceremony

Congrats to the class of 2014 in all their accomplishments and our best wishes at their new school! We will miss you all!

Class of 2014 Portraits

Take a peek at the Graduation Portraits!

2014 Spring Games

Check out what we did at our Spring Competition Games! Some running, crawling and a whole lot of fun! 

Bouncing Away!

More Spring fun at out Bounce House! We jumped up and down all day and had a blast!

Out Camping!

We love Camping at The Little Seeds Preschool. No need to go outside! We camp INSIDE!! Take a look at our indoor campsite! Created by us!

Water Play


We take advantage of out hot Florida weather. Take a peak at our children during water play! We love the Sun at The Little Seeds Preschool!

Summer @ Little Seeds Preschool


Take a peak at our Summer 2013 activities! Parents are always welcomed!!!

Graduation 2013


Meet the Little Seeds Preschool Class of 2013! Congratulations graduates!! We are so proud of you all and will miss you a lot!

Mother's Day


Take a peek as our students showed their love for their mothers on Mother's Day. Lots of love, kisses and hugs for these awesome Moms! Happy Mothers Day!

Our Petting Zoo!

The Little Seeds students head outside for their annual Petting Zoo! The kids had the chance to interact with live ANIMALS! COOL! The Little Seeds Preschool showed both the children and the animals and amazing time!

Easter Egg Hunt

EASTER TIME IS BACK! Check out how The Little Seeds students celebrate Easter! Bunny masks, an Easter Egg Hunt, and some awesome friends and you got yourself one amazing Easter Party!

Valentine's Day

Take a look at how the students at The Little Seeds Preschool give LOVE to their friends and family. Valentines Day was a true and lovely success at out school!

Halloween 2012​

Check out the Little Seeds students as they dress up for Halloween! Everyone went all out with their 2012 costumes... Including our awesome teachers! We all had a blast!